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Back to the grind.

Well, I've been slacking. I haven't been in the gym more than a dozen times this year. At least til this week. I treated myself to some new work-out clothes (black and pink, kinda cute actually) as a motivation.

This week I've been in there twice on my lunch, just doing my stretches and knocking out about 5 miles on the bike. It feels so good to be exercising again, already. My mood and sleep have both improved. I'm trying to motivate myself to dance again in the evenings, but I've got so much going on.

I've also started eating better again. Smaller portions, less carbs and fat, etc.

The point of all this? Right now I'm hovering between an 16 or 18 depending. I want to drop to at least a 12, my ultimate goal being a size 10. I've always heard that the beginning is easy and that it gets harder. How do/did everyone keep themselves on the ball? I was a size 28 this time last year and by Christmas was an 18. I know the next 4 sizes won't be that easy, but I'm determined and pretty elated just to be back to a healthy lifestyle, even if its only 3 days of it. How do you keep going? What keeps you motivated?
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