Krissi (kwissipie) wrote in the_pendulum,

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New Here!

And I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Krissi. I've been looking over fitness journals for a little while now and decided that I would like to join, since

I'm going to start the Winsor Pilates excersize.

My mother and I have a contest going that whoever reaches their goal weight first, gets a shopping spree.

I read a success story of someone who had been doing Winsor Pilates for eight weeks and lost four dress sizes. I think that's wonderful and I hope I can see those results, too.

My goal weight right now is 130. I'm 206 right now, so I have a ways to go but I have already started my excersize and it's great. I've tried the Atkins diet, Tae Bo, and Yoga and so far, Pilates has been the best. It's fun, too!
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