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It's almost a New Year!

Hey, does anyone post to this anymore? I think I did quite a while ago. Anyways, since I've managed to gain about 12 pds of the 40+ I lost back over the last year, I have started Weight Watchers Online. I started about a week ago and have dropped 2 pds already. I'm at 175 now and want to get to 155. I had never made it all the way to my goal the first time around, but was glad to maintain. Who would have thought that by joining the military, one would gain weight?? I figured it would put me in the best shape, but I was wrong. The food they serve in the mess line is usually fattening, unless you want to eat salad everyday. So, here I am, bringing my own food to work now, now that I finally have my own place and trying to get my body back to shape. How is everyone else doing?
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