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the_pendulum's Journal

The Pendulum Fitness
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t h e P e n d u l u m

[ fitness and health for goths ]

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People of like minds discussing health issues, weight management, fitness. It's so pretty to be thin to fit into a size small Lip Service dress, but it's prettier to be healthier and in the long run happier.

Feel free to join, no one will judge you here regardless of what your habits are. If you don't want to be surrounded by bouncing-perky-blonde-and-tanned-Britney-idol-freaks-in-adidas-sport-bras , but are still interested in making health changes, we hope you find a community here.

Face it; we're not vampires, but there are ways to live beautiful for a very long time.

Ways to contribute:

  • advice and recommendations

  • post about how you achieved your fitness goals

  • post what you did today to achieve your goals(how you dieted, how you worked out, etc.)

  • Ask anything related. It's good to start discussion, someone out there could have the same question, and someone out there could have an answer

  • don't be judgemental and don't be condescending.