Mistress of Black Velvet (crossbonesdj) wrote in the_pendulum,
Mistress of Black Velvet

Shoe help

Right now, I'm using a pair of Sketchers for my workout..not good! Does anyone have suggestions on good walking shoes that won't break my bank? A quick look on Footlocker.com showed some at almost $100 a pop - much more than I want to pay!
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I have good luck going to the clearance racks at Penney's and Sears....
I've gotten really good prices on NewBalance and Reeboks at both stores, as in for less than $25....
woohoo! thanks for the advice!
I'm all about clearance racks...
Yeah, I got a pair of Wilson's tennies on sale at the mall for $20! Okay so they're for tennis, but they're just fine for walking and cardio stuff too! They may have been cheap because they were just plain white and everything seems to be snazzier now but plain white works for me. :)